02 February 2010

Value Place has room to grow

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NobleOutReach, LLC

3520 General DeGaulle Dr. Suite 3110
New Orleans, LA 70114

Office- (504)655-9410
Fax- (504)285-9978

Value Place Extended Stay Hotel Complex

NobleOutReach is happy to announce that we have demoed the blighted site at 3000-3010 General DeGaulle Drive in New Orleans (Algiers) LA and have begun the construction phase for the Value Place Extended Stay Hotel Complex. There will be a restaurant, conference & meeting rooms on site for the traveler's and the professional's convenience. The property is located near the New Orleans Federal City development which has nearly 1,500 transient Navy and Marine Corps Reserve personnel transiting the area on a weekly basis who will require temporary lodging.

What is the Value Place difference?

Value Place is an extended stay hotel that meets every life traveler's need for affordable, clean and secure, temporary lodging with a remarkably low weekly rates, rigorous cleanliness standards, total commitment to comfort, privacy and peace of mind.

  • Affordable
    When we say affordable weekly rates, we mean it. As in rates you can actually afford without having to give up anything that matters to you or your loved ones. Sure, Value Place isn't about fluff—you won't find a workout room or a mint on your pillow. But you will find all the essentials you need for living like a full kitchen and more in a remarkably cleaner, safer environment. That's what real value means to us. And that's why we call it Value Place.
  • Cleaner
    Value Place isn't just clean, it's squeaky clean. That's because our cleaning standards go above and beyond what you'll find anywhere. Want an example? We shampoo the carpet and wash the shower curtain and bedspread after every checkout—how many extended stay hotels, motels or other lodging accommodations can say that? So how can we promise rooms this clean at such affordable weekly rates? Because our Studio Attendants follow checklists of simple, thorough and effective housekeeping practices and never miss a spot.
  • Safer
    Personal safety isn't something you necessarily think about when it comes to extended stay hotels, motels, or even an apartment—until you've felt unsafe in one. At Value Place, we take "safe" seriously. Why? Because your peace of mind matters. That's why you'll feel safer at Value Place. We've created a safer environment in so many ways—starting right outside with safer, brightly lit parking lots and facilities.